Deepest NCAA Mile Field ever?

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Deepest NCAA Mile Field ever?

by Ryan From Flotrack at Flotrack on March 12, 2011

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This year may be the deepest men's mile field in history with 16 athletes running under 3:59 and 5 running under 3:57. Here is what some of the top coaches had to say about it:
Vin Lananna (Oregon) - coach of Wheating, Acosta, Fleet, Centro
Greg Metcalf (washington) - 3:58 sophomore miler James Cameron
Joe Franklin (New Mexico) - coach NCAA mile champ from '09 & '10
Jason Dunn (Stanford) - coaches handful of sub-4 and 4 flat guys
Chris Bucknam (Arkansas) - Dorian Ulrey 3:56/3:35
Todd Harbour (Baylor) - fastest collegiate miler all-time, 3:50
Ed Eyestone (BYU) - two time olympic marathon and coach of Miles Batty (3:55)
Marcus O'Sullivan (Villanova) - has run more sub-4 miles than most!

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